The amount of homework

Many people think the more time is spent,the more work will be done.So students have to spend the whole day doing schoolwork except the three meals.It is common to see students struggling in a sea of schoolwork both at school and at home.

Modern students usually have many interests.They love music and sports.They like reading and watch TV.A two-day weekend can get them away from too much schoolwork,and they can do what they like.But still teachers do not think about it.They still arrange a lot of homework for students to do.Because students have too much schoolwork,they have no time to enjoy themselves.Students are really tired of their weekend homework.So they usually don't do their weekend homework until Sunday night.And there is not enough time for homework,students have to finish it carelessly.The weekend homework makes teachers angry.

Things always get worse without right ideas.Too much schoolwork makes students lose interest in learning.It's also bad for their health.

A horse runs faster after a rest.So all the teachers should give students both pleasure and knowledge.


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