A headache day

In the morning I felt everything is stopped when I wake up,beause I saw the class light is not on.After wash,I received the forecast SMS,it said very heavy rain will have today.It is ridiculous that I won't remember tought my umbralla back apartment last night,so I had to wear my cloth acrossed the rain,when I arrived at classroom,I was wet.
In the evening,my classmate incredibly didn't even car lent me.He made me fired,and I had no word with him.
At night,there were all kinds of insects flying everywhere in the third lessons,it made us rwstless,in the final lessons,some students were spoke with each other, my deakmate and I have no idea to deal with the situation,our teacher used to said,even you sit down here that must to study and be quiet,if you against the rules,you will have no chance sitting down here,so we(my deskmate and me) said,some people do not have self-sesteem.


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